project: pink hair part 3

Yesterday, i decided to do full head pink. my white hair is slowly turning yellow probably coz of the water. I really wanted baby pink hair. kinda like the one on the picture.

baby pink inspi

baby pink inspi

or have one with baby pink near the roots and bangs and dark on the ends.

inspi 2

inspi 2

EPIC FAIL!!!! For some reason, my hair was getting really stubborn.

epic fail on baby pink

epic fail on baby pink

it kinda died down the yellow that was starting to appear but not much color. i want baby pink but if its not possible, i’d rather go for a darker shade of pink than dirty white hair haha.and this is how it turned out.

900ml conditioner and 1 teaspoon of dye after

900ml conditioner and 1 teaspoon of dye after

My hair, i swear, is more stubborn than me. The color was uneven. Most might think that i’m not using enough dye. i mixed conditioner with the flamingo pink to reach 2 shades darker than what i wanted but some parts were still white (kinda baby pinkish). Some parts really wont eat up much color…oh well hahaha

On Punky Colour Flamingo pink:
i tried looking for reviews on this but i didn’t really see much. so for those who would want to use this dye, i’d say go for it. Why? coz it’s super pigmented. if left undiluted, the color would last 1 month without much fading (remember my strand test…its still almost the same color after a month). And if you’ll dilute it, it fades faster compared to the undiluted die but it doesn’t drastically lose color., 2-3 times a day. i condition each time, i also soak my hair on virgin coconut oil every day,do treatments on weekends and shampoo everyother day but it didn’t fade as fast as i expected it to. Summer this year in manila is really hot. i take a bath the tips of my hair from being bright pink are now carnation pink.super cute. Plus if you dilute it, you won’t need much dye. what you would need is a whole lot of conditioner. on my hair, on those that got really white after bleaching, its kinda purply. i liked it better on those strands that were a bit yellowish coz it turned kinda carnation pink,almost the same as the color of the diluted dye. i don’t suggest that you use it to make baby pink tho. the dye is highly pigmented but since you’d need to add a whole lot of conditioner to achieve a baby pink mixture, it won’t stain the hair pretty well. better get a lighter shade than flamingo pink. one other thing i like about Punky Colour is that when diluted, it doesn’t bleed when you was it. if it does, it’s very minimal. that’s probably why it doesn’t fade fast. so Punky Colour Flamingo Pink, good buy! after the repeated dying ive done yesterday, my tub is still barely touched. love it!!!!

for those in manila, you can get Punky Colour, Manic Panic and Special Effects from a local seller thru i think it’s much cheaper getting it from her than ordering overseas coz shipping and the wait can give you a stroke. LOL! She’s a trusted seller and delivers fast. i’ll get a new tub from her once i figure out what color i’d do next and what i’d do with the excess dye i have. hehehe


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